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Voice (actors):  
  • Ron Perlman
  • Tilo Schmitz (german)
Character Notes:  
  • C.A.B. has no integrated weapons
  • C.A.B.'s vehicle mode is usually a Ford Victoria Crown NYC Cab (1998) (with an outdated fare-table, NYC Chapters)
  • The 'TAXI' wording on his hat/helmet is not visible on his cybertron bot-mode (TaxiTales)
  • Due to the cap-like helmet design his optics are hidden most of the time. (he doesn't talk a lot but he is quite expressive nonetheless)
  • His yellow color is actually a kind of punishment, as he got hit by a cargo loader for not being 'visible'
  • C.A.B. got a subpoena by the NYC TLC for having wrong taxi fare information attached
  • Dirt and rust is something C.A.B. considers to be a part of his disguise
  • Even C.A.B. forgot the actual meaning of his acronym
  • 'Under Pressure' by Queen became his theme song (it was actually caught on a radio frequence meanwhile he crashed on earth...)

Artworks and Reference Images:

CAB Sheet by Lizkay        

C.A.B - TF:Prime - OFFICIAL -Sheet by Lizkay

  C.A.B., Gary and Tuffy - by Lauren Bennett   C.A.B. TF Prime - by ShoGuru   C.A.B vehicle mode + Gary and Tuffy by Lizkay   SilverSide and C.A.B. by Lizkay

C.A.B. by GabbyGerbs


C.A.B. by ErikaGSkerzz

  C.A.B. by Leks   C.A.B. - by Kris Smith   NYC Bot - Sticker Design by Lizkay
C.A.B. by

C.AB. TF:P Version
by Pika

  C.A.B. Transformers:Animated Version - by Lizkay   C.A.B. by
  C.A.B. ComicVersion - Sketch by TheChamba, Colors by Lizkay
C.A.B. Cyberverse - Version- by LyndaxyArt   C.A.B. Armada ComicVersion - by Lizkay   C.A.B vehicle mode + Gary and Tuffy by Lizkay   C.A.B. TF:A sketch by Derrick J Wyatt   C.A.B. and Ratchet TF:A-Version - by Kris Smith
C.A.B. & Bumblebee TF:A - cover artwork by Lizkay  

C.A.B. & CrimsonBlade at the Bar...
by Eronposts


C.A.B. with Donuts
by BallpitBee

  C.A.B. Transformers:Animated Version - by Tanya Roberts   C.A.B. - 'epic Donuts' - cover sketch by Lizkay
C.A.B. ComicVersion- by Lizkay   C.A.B. Checker Cab version - lineart by Pietrestan, colors by Lizkay   C.A.B. portrait by Winston Chan   C.A.B. TF:A inspired- Pencils by Pedro Delgado, Colors by Zaratus   C.A.B. Chibis by Kat Cardy
C.A.B. ComicVersion by LeeR.  

C.A.B. ComicVersion by Nick Roche

  C.A.B. TF Prime - by SuziDragonlady   C.A.B. TF:A Version by MikeCollins   C.A.B. by Silvolf

C.A.B. ComicVersion by Kat Cardy

  C.A.B. 3D-Transformers:Animated Version - by Amras-Arfeiniel   C.A.B. stylized sketch by Lizkay   C.A.B. London Cab Movie Version by J.Cory   C.A.B. Transformers:Animated Version - by SuziDragonlady
TaxiTales - test panel by Lizkay   C.A.B. Combiner Wars - version by (to be added/unknown)   Mini Bots by SuziDragonlady   C.A.B TF:Prime - 3D Model by Lizkay   C.A.B. TF:A Studies- by Lizkay
TF:A Toy Version                


  • Wiki Page (TF:A)
  • TaxiTales: #1#2 #3#4 Final ColorReference #2
  • NYC Chapters: (scripts, RPs, shortstories by various people/forums)
    - to be added /updated-
  1. A new ride (Intro)
  2. Best Before Midnight (Airport Tour)
  3. Not the only Bot (where have you been?)
  4. For the city (Let's save 'Sam's Bagels')
  5. Nowhere to go ( A day at the 'Car Wash' )
  6. Watchdog (hello officer?)
  7. Being home (I like it 'here)
  8. Millionaire for hire (a 'classic' Shopping Trip)
  9. London Cab (or was it 'down under'?)
  10. What a cruise ( 'I hate flying')
  11. It's Snowtime! (Xmas-special)


  • Sudden Stranger chapter 1 - 3 (appearance)
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