NYC Chapters - Vol. 2, Part1

- Best Before Midnight-


So, it was one of these days, you wish you wouldn't even have left your bed at all. Garry was still, as it was everyday, in bed instead of getting his butt lifted to be ready for work. As it was wednesday, it was early shift, and that being not enough, it was airport day as well, so the day was preprogrammed to be heavy. C.A.B. knocked on the window of Garry's flat in the second floor, who just stood up and looked kinda unhappy at the bot outside. C.A.B. just waved with one paper bag in his fingers, which seemed to be really tiny in his big hands.

"Your breakfast, boy!"

Garry opened the window and grabbed the bag rather rude.

"Don't look at me, with your greasy, oh so happy smile... boy! This is going to be a shitty day!"

"I will never get you humans, 80% of you guys are inoperative before midday... tsk.."

with these words he transformed into his Taxi vehicle mode, parked directly in front of the entrance door of the building and opened the driver's door.

"C'mon, there is a job that needs to be done!"

Garry just made an inappropriate pose and closed the window with a heavy slap, he finally left the building through the entrance door, like almost an hour later.


C.A.B. said, closing the door after Garry jumped inside.

"I hate this route, rude people, who don't even know what a tip is.. and that at 6 o' clock in the morning. You, you're lucky I bet you never get tired..."

Garry leaned back and put his feet on the console besides the steering wheel.

"No matter what time, what route we take, you always say that..." was C.A.B.'s short answer.

"... and you call that working? I do the job, to be serious and you are just.. yeah something like an alibi..."

"HarHar.. Cabby boy, you make the best jokes! Now step on it! We're late already!"

C.A.B. stopped abrupt because of a red traffic light


After a few more delays they finally reached their place of work, and not even a moment later, they had their first passenger, who wanted to be driven to the other side of the city, how typical. The guy with a nice suit and a lot of cases seemed to be in a hurry, though the first thing he did was giving Garry a sceptical glance. Garry was half asleep on the driver's seat.

"Ahem, are you even able to drive that Taxi?" the passenger asked.
"No problem, mister, we bring you there.. Let's go!"

And so they left the airport, passing more and more intersections, and their passenger, who just looked outside for the first moments of driving finally turned his attention to Garry, who completely fell asleep on the driver's seat. Kinda scared for the first moment, he clung on the door handles, but after watching the scenes in front of him for a while, he became more and more curious, they even stopped to let people cross the street, who was driving this taxi, the driver looked everything else than focused, he asked himself. They reached their destination and C.A.B. who was already used to the fact, that Gerry wasn't really aware of that, stopped abruptly, so he fell forward rather ungentle and woke up.

"Errr... so here we are mister."

The passenger even took his cases out of the trunk himself, gave Garry the money without a word and left hastily .

"Impolite people... !" said Garry for the record.

"Hey, he even took his cases himself, so why even bother?" said C.A.B.
"Just not my day today, let's find another passenger to pay for our daily commodities.." and they left.

The guy who was their passenger before, hadn't really left though, he was observing them until they left into another alley, than he grabbed his cell phone.

"Hello there Smithy, you won't believe what I went into just a moment before." ....



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