Name:   Yan Otha-Breg ['jan o:tta:hr 'brre:g]
Age:   48
Origin:   Dantooine
Species:   Human
Gender:   Male
Height:   180 cm
Hair color:   blonde
Eye color:   green
Rank:   Jedi Master*
Master:   Arashan Derrus' (deceased)
Lightsaber crytal:   intense green Adegan (Ilum) crystal (double)
Lightsaber hilt:   classic beveled with 2nd separate (precision) key-blade

Yans Lightsaber

(hover over image to switch lightsaber on)
Ship:   EdTerka II (altered Nomad cargo starship)
Droid:   upgraded GNK-Droid, EG-BW44 (BeeWeeFour)
  • Almost half of Yan's left body side has acid burn marks and scars
  • His left arm is sometimes still covered in bandages as those scars easily rip open when performing heavy movements
  • He isn't restricted in using the force with his left hand, but his general movement is somehow limited due to the scars.
  • The key-blade of his two sided lightsaber is used to activate his starship (and also to open the secret base)
  • The same blade is also used to carve lightsaber crystals (precision mode)
  • He was leader and founder of the 'League of Lazzarus'
  • He survived order 66 because he was stranded in the Lazzarus system at that time


Reference images and artworks:
CloneWars appearance
(Artwork by Lizkay)


JediAcademy appearance
(Artwork by Lizkay)


CloneWars 'Tartakovsky'
(Artwork by Lizkay)
CloneWars (Comic) appearance (Artwork by Lizkay)   Custom Lightsaber with key blade
(built by Argentumsabers)
  Yan's Lightsaber
detailed render (by Lizkay)